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Scan over the body to see how Red Light Can Help You Heal!


Arthritis Relief

Relieve Joint Pain

& Inflammation

Calm Carpal Tunnel 

Relieve Trigger Finger

Revitalize Nail Growth

Improve Circulation

Clear Nail Fungus


Reduce Stress

Increase Hair Growth

Balance Hormones

Improve Cognitive Function

Increase Endorphins

Combat Alzheimer's

& Dementia 

Shrink Pores

Even Complexion

Kill Mouth Bacteria

Reduce Acne & Scars

Promote Youthful Glow

Increase Collagen

Tighten Jawline & Neck

Reduce Fine Lines

& Wrinkles

Increase Lactation

Help with Cholesterol

Decrease Lung Inflammation

Promote Heart Health

Boost Circulation

Speed-up Injury Healing

Boost Immune System

Stimulate Muscle Recovery & Growth

Increase Cardiovascular Function

Stimulate & Boost Metabolism

Relieve Inflammation

Relieve Back Pain

Enhance Workout Routine

Tighten the Core

Restore Vitality

Restore & Boost Libido

Help with Testosterone Production

Boost Endurance

Enhance Testicular Function

Stimulate Digestion

Improve Gut Function

Increase Nutrient Absorption

Relieve Incontinence

Peri-menopausal Relief

Reduce Scar Tissue

Fade Stretch Marks

Improve Reproductive Health

Reduce Cellulite

Reduce Fat Deposits

Even Toning & Definition

Reduce Crepey Skin

Reduce Varicose & spider veins

Improve Joint Health

Speed Injury Recovery

Improve tendon health

Boost Muscle Regeneration

Reduce Water Retention

Stimulate Circulation

Reduce Tingling & Numbness

Combat Plantar-Fasciitis


Red Light Healing Center provides Oahu a simple and relaxing way to experience total body rejuvenation.  Red Light Therapy is scientifically proven to stimulate the body's natural healing process.  The more exposure to Red Light, the more you stimulate this process and, in turn, the more you heal.


It reduces surface blemishes like wrinklesacne, and stretch marks while relieving internal pains from arthritistendonitisfibro-myalgia, and more.

Each relaxing, UV free, 20-minute session stimulates your cells to reproduce.  This naturally reverses the effects of aging.


It is completely pain free and affordable.  Why haven't YOU tried Red Light?


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Developed by NASA and backed by our client results, Red Light will:

  • Neck & Jaw Line

  • Lymphatic System

  • Thinning Hair

  • Healing Time

  • Circulation

  • Sleep Quality

  • Skin Elasticity

  • Acne & Acne Scars

  • Arthritis & Joint Pain

  • Wrinkles & Sun Damage

  • Cellulite & Fatty Deposits

  • Stretch Marks

  • Neck, Shoulder, & Back Pain

  • Scar Tissue & Nerve Damage

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